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BEST OF 2023

Mosaic Counseling was honored to receive the

Best of 2022 & 2023 Oviedo

Award for Marriage/Relationship Counseling. 


Licensed Mental Health Counselor LIC. #MH 10603
Qualified Parent Coordinator 
Certified Family Mediator

No. 28608FA

Scott Welch, M. Div., MA, is a licensed mental health counselor and founder of Mosaic Counseling of Florida where he uses his refined skills and talents to help individuals, couples and families overcome a myriad of challenges. 


Scott enjoyed a fast-paced career as a youth pastor for over 20 years before he founded FreshStart Church in Tampa, Florida where he has been the lead pastor since 1999.  Scott is a dynamic public speaker who has presented nationally and internationally. He is a national trainer with Prepare/Enrich, the world’s leading pre-marital and marital inventory. He speaks nationally as a Stronger Families Master Level Trainer and currently teaches marriage and family counseling and adolescent counseling courses at Trinity College.

Scott is a certified family mediator with the Supreme Court of Florida and a Qualified Parent Coordinator. His expertise with pre-marital, marital, and post-marital endeavors provides him with a plethora of methods and resources to guide families in improving communication, working through differences, partnering with one another, and parenting more effectively.


Scott is currently Gottman level 3 trained and is working toward certification with the elite institute.  Employing Gottman's ground-breaking researched methods, Scott guides couples through an evidence-based, individualized road map of interventions that aid them in compassionately managing conflicts, deepening intimacy, and sharing their life purpose and dreams.

“Many people come to me feeling broken,” says Scott, “sometimes communication breaks down, passion erodes, trust may appear to be irreparably shattered.  My life’s work is about helping people pick up all the shattered shards of life and find purpose in the pieces. When you look at a hand-crafted mosaic it’s hard to fathom how all the bits and pieces came together to make up a masterpiece.  The same can be true of life. With the right mindset, skills, and strategies, you can use all the pieces of your life, even the broken, messy, painful pieces, to create a meaningful mosaic masterpiece.  Every experience in life can be used as an opportunity to grow more into the person you were meant to be.”


Choosing a counselor is an important decision. Studies show that the connection between the therapist and client is a leading indicator of the changes one will make. For this reason, our counselors offer a 15 minute FREE phone consultation, so you can feel comfortable before coming in for your first session.

Call to schedule your free consultation.


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Slammed Schedule?  No problem! You can save the drive time to the office and meet with our counselors from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the state in a private, secure virtual counseling session. Sessions are very personal and highly engaging. Click the button below to request a virtual counseling session.

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