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You can reach your financial goals! No matter how ominous the financial mountain you're facing, you can learn time-honored truths about money that will profoundly change your whole life. Paychecks are the number one wealth building tool in your life, however, many people in America live paycheck to paycheck with crippling debt. Wealth is usually not built because there is more “month than money”!


You can change all of that with focused attention on your money!  It is time to start telling your money what to do and no longer allow your money to control you.  Personal finance is 80% behavior and only 20% head knowledge. As a Ramsey preferred coach, I help you develop the financial behavior you will need to succeed in your wealth building goals. As a foundation to the process we use the Ramsey Baby Steps:


Step one: $1000 Emergency Fund

Step two: Pay off Debt using the Debt Snowball

Step Three: Fully funded Emergency Fund of 3-6 months expenses

Step Four: Invest 15% of you Family Income in Roth IRA or Tax favored Retirement Plans

Step Five: Save for your Children’s College Fund

Step Six: Pay off your Home Early

Step Seven: Build Wealth and Give

FINANCIAL FREEDOM - Couple in field with

Thousands of people have turned their financial lives around using these steps and you can too! Yes, it takes time, yes it takes focus, and yes it takes a desire, but you can do this! As a Ramsey Preferred Coach, I am here to help you!  How can you pay bills, pay off debt, handle payments for your kid’s activities or college and invest for your future? These are fantastic questions that will all be part of your financial landscape!


This is not a get rich quick scheme, but faithful financial habits that change the way you live. As Dave Ramsey says, “You live like no one else would so later you can live like no one else can!”


Let's get started!  Schedule a Financial Coaching session today.

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