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Client Testimonials

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Scott’s concern for my emotional well being was very apparent immediately upon meeting him. His listening ability combined with his ability to Lovingly question me to direct me towards solutions for my emotional health retrospect... was astonishing. He was totally non-judgmental as I slowly turned the pages of painful moments & situations of my life. His friendliness...Loving attitude.... made me feel as though I was (am) Sharing with a best friend. I give Scott a 10/10 rating... only because I cannot give him a 100/10!!! I highly recommend!


I have had the privilege of knowing Scott since I was 13 years old. He was my youth pastor and also a friend. He made it clear through his actions and words that he truly and genuinely cares about people. His constant strive to enrich lives and help those around him through actions, deeds, and personal sacrifice is clear to anyone who has meet him. Scott has dedicated his life to others and he helped make me the man, husband, and father I am today. THANK YOU SCOTT!


Scott Welch has been a tremendous help in assisting me during a very difficult time in my marriage. His ability to combine practical, Christian, and relationship concepts into our sessions has been invaluable. He truly cares for his clients and is as open and "real" as one can be. I would highly recommend Scott to others who are going through marital difficulties, or other issues.


My experience with counselor Scott Welch has been Life Changing...His faith based observations, combined with his firm grasp on life in today's world, has enabled me to step back from the turmoil surrounding my situation and slowly regain firm footing.Through his non-judgmental insights he has enabled me to identify how I need to accept responsibility for my 'mistakes' and not try and control those not caused by me. The clarity that has returned to my life has allowed me to breath deeply as I work on returning my life to some form of normalcy. I highly recommend Mr. Scott Welch to anyone looking for help in 'weathering the storm.'


Scott is a great person. I know he has helped a lot of people. I have known him for 27 yrs. He is one of the most honest people you will meet. A great listener. I give him 10 stars out of 10!!!


Scott Welch is an amazing counselor! We have been very happy with the progress we have been making. We were very lucky to have Scott as our counselor. He understands us and is incredibly patient. We are extremely thankful and appreciative of him. 


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