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We all have challenges in our lives.  Individual counseling gives us the opportunity to process these issues in a safe, judgement-free environment.  This allows us to discover inner strength to not only see these challenges from new perspectives but also make positive changes for the future.  Individual counseling is not only a great source of encouragement but it also builds self-confidence and promotes the establishment of healthy boundaries that reinforce your individual priorities and help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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Feeling disconnected?  Struggling with broken vows or broken promises? Is trust gone and you're not sure what the truth is any more? Is your sex life unfulfilling or non-existent? Are you trying to put the pieces back together after discovering an addiction or affair? Do you feel stuck in a painful place? 

There is HOPE! You do NOT have to live this way. Through a quick inventory we can identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth, uncover cyclical issues, develop strategies, and practice skills to help you Love again.


If your child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan but still isn't making adequate progress we can help.  We analyze the effects of your child’s specific disability within the SETT framework, taking into consideration the demands of the setting, environment, task, and tools that create predictable barriers to learning.  Then, we link those effects with individualized accommodations designed to help your child leverage their strengths to reduce or completely remove those barriers.


We can help you evaluate the efficacy of the services and accommodations already in place and suggest adjustments that will help ensure your child works up to their full potential.  We can even help you advocate for more individualized services and accommodations for your child citing federal law, as well as the Florida Department of Education’s guidance documents and technical assistance papers. Our children deserve better than a one-size-fits-all educational approach and the law demands it.  We can help you make sure they get it!

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Do you feel like your to-do list and responsibilities are perpetually growing but somehow you haven't made the professional advancements you've expected? We can work to clearly establish your goals and identify steps to get there.  These career coaching sessions will help you maximize your strengths and identify opportunities for growth.  Whether it's prioritization, time management, inhibitory control, sustained attention, progress monitoring or managing emotions, we'll work to help you develop and refine the executive functions needed to advance to the next level.


The Men’s Group is designed for men to be able to share the struggles of life with other men who might be experiencing something similar.  We believe that just as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. It is our desire to learn to be introspective in a safe environment of men so that we might make healthy choices in our lives. If you struggle with control, anger management, addictions, or just want to improve as a husband, father or in your career, this journey is for you!  Groups meet in Tampa, Orlando and online.

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Often clients travel out of town or are in a location that prevents them from coming into the office. Sometimes you can't leave work early but an electronic meeting from your office would fit into your schedule. Virtual and phone sessions give you the opportunity to have a counseling session regardless of your location.  

Text directly at 407-777-5679 or call that number and ask the receptionist to schedule a virtual session with the counselor of your choice.

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